Ask Our Customers


Their rates are reasonable and I trust the work they do on my car.

I lived across the street from T & H Auto for nearly 3 years. I went at first because they were conveniently located, and I went back loyally thereafter, because they were honest, fair, helpful and never condescending. Ronnie at the front desk is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and all of the mechanics are competent and reliable. I take both my cars there for every repair, oil change and inspection. When they cannot do a repair (such as alignment or tire replacement), they always refer me to respectable companies (10th St Tire and Avia, both in Easton, PA). Their pricing is very fair, considering how reliable and busy they are. On one occasion recently, I had a problem with my tie rod end. They got me in immediately, because they didn't want me driving my kids around with that sort of problem. They are certainly a community-oriented business.

T&H Automotive in Easton, Pennsylvania gets my vote of confidence. They patiently -- but never patronizingly -- explain how they diagnose my poor old car's problems (1985 Honda Accord, 232,000 miles). charge reasonably, and never make promises that they cannot keep. What more could I ask?

Took car in after check engine light came on. They called promptly after running the diagnostic and explained the error code and their planned strategy to address potential problems along with estimated costs (which were very reasonable). After taking apart the coil and cleaning things out, they could not find any problem. They did not charge anything for their time! The check engine light has been off and the car runs fine.

Every time I have a car serviced here I get the straight story on repairs needed and quality service. Great mechanics.

There are certain services you need in life where honesty, quality and trustworthiness truly make all the difference in the world. A trusted mechanic is at the top of my list. Having found T&H several years ago, I would not go anywhere else to service my new or used car. They have earned my complete trust, confidence and endorsement, and I highly recommend them without hesitation.

The family at T&H has been handling my service, inspection and repairs for almost twenty years. Anything from brake service to transmission rebuilding has been performed with great professionalism and integrity. Quality of work is outstanding and fee schedules are fair and reasonable. If you are looking for great service, give T&H a call.